Steamer Trunks

Steamer trunks, travel trunks and cabin trunks, are large, rugged pieces of carry-on luggage designed to hold clothes and valuables during extended travel. Explore our selection of rounded lid steamer trunks, often called round top trunks, camel back trunks, humpback trunks, or barrel top trunks. Historically buyers craved the round lid because travelers wanted to keep their belongings safe on trains and steamships. Legend has it the rounded design encouraged porters to stack steamer trunks on top.

Sturdy, durable flat top trunks or “Plymouth” trunks reached their peak in popularity in the 1800s to early 1900s when Americans moved westward via train.

Today both flat top and humpback trunks are popular for storing family heirlooms or serving as coffee tables and end tables.