Yorktown Large Reproduction Hope Chest (Oak)

amish hope chest

Hope chests are sometimes called a dowry chest, glory box or bridal trousseau. It's used to store sentimental and practical items like silverware, china, linens, and cookware for a bride to use when she gets married. It helps supply a new couple with needed material items and symbolizes hope in a marriage.

  • Crafted from solid oak hardwood with aromatic cedar bottom, finished on all four sides. (Shown above in "Seely" stain)
  • Capacity: 6.9 cubic feet of storage perfect for sentimental items like Christening gowns, diaries, and love letters
  • Comes standard with a working lock & spring loaded lid supports to keep lid from falling shut
  • Makes the perfect wedding gift
  • Price Includes Shipping!

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SKU: 5500-22
Price: $795.00
Dimensions: 46 in × 20 in × 21 in
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Ditressing techniques are randomly applied to your chest and include, rounded and worn corners and edges, rasping, dips, knife cuts simulating cracks, worm holes, chain distressing and shading. Glaze will be applied to further highlight distressed areas.

The name plate will be applied to the inside of the lid on your chest. Please use a hyphen (-) to separate lines on your name plate. This text will be engraved on the plate if you have it checked above.