Carriage House Deep Storage Oak Chest with Drawers

  • Made from solid red oak with cedar bottom. Pictured in "Harvest" stain, (shown above with "Shaker Base").
  • Capacity: 3.6 cu. ft of storage (not including the two drawers at the bottom) 
  • Comes standard with spring loaded lid supports to keep lid from falling shut, a working lock, and dovetail joints.
  • Price Includes Shipping!

Product Info

SKU: 701 & 702-22
Price: $925.00
Dimensions: 36 in × 17 in × 23 in
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Ditressing techniques are randomly applied to your chest and include, rounded and worn corners and edges, rasping, dips, knife cuts simulating cracks, worm holes, chain distressing and shading. Glaze will be applied to further highlight distressed areas.

The name plate will be applied to the inside of the lid on your chest. Please use a hyphen (-) to separate lines on your name plate. This text will be engraved on the plate if you have it checked above.